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DNS full form is "Domain Name System", it is nothing but an alias of IP Address, as IP Address is not human readable, that's why we have DNS names. We used to enter dns names instead of actual IP Address of any website, as it is easily to remember. So DNS names will be resolved to an IP address. There are 4 Different DNS Server types used while loading any Website.
1) DNS recursor 2) Root Nameserver 3) TLD Server (TLD is Top level Domain) 4) Authoritative Nameserver
Full DNS records consist of following details :
1) A record (Nothing but an IP address) 2) TXT record (Descriptive Text, used to hold general information about a domain name, also used in verifying domain in Google SEO Tools) 3) LOC record (Geographical location details about hosts, networks, and subnets.) 4) SOA record (Full form of SOA record is a Start of Authority, from where the domain is origin, i.e. Parent Domain name record) 5) NS record (aka Name Server record, it used to delegates a subdomain to a set of name servers. ) 6) SRV record ( aka Service Discovery, it tells type of TCP used) 7) SPF record (SPF record fullform is Sender Policy Framework record.) 8) CNAME record (Canonical, pointing to Canonical Domain name, not to an IP address) 9) MX record (Mail Exchange information) 10) AAAA record (IPv6 address for a host)

You can easily find any Website's DNS from our above free tool, enter your Domain name and you will get all DNS records information of the domain. After you enter your website, all DNS related information including DNS, MX record, SOA, SRV, AAAA, IPv4, IPv6 etc will be displayed.

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